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Playing At Business - toy & game business podcast with Steve Reece

Feb 26, 2021

In Episode 21 of the Playing At Business podcast we talk to the creator of smash hit toy product 'Rainbow Loom'. Choon Ng has done something which very few people in the toy business have - he created and implemented a product which started a massive global toy fad. At the peak of Rainbow Loom's success, it was as big as anything out there, selling massive quantities and spurning many multi-million view YouTube videos of how to create with Rainbow Loom. On this episode of the Podcast Choon talks s through his journey in the toy business from start up idea through to what it was like to ride the massive wave of Rainbow Loom, dealing with distributors around the world and a plethora of knock off products. He also talks us through Rainbow Loom's ongoing business, and how the brand is still delighting kids around the world today.